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The challenge was to design an edifice which would simultaneously express the community’s aspirations and presence in the city, and to house an institution in which the ethical and moral standards of a faith, coupled with part of its codes and canon, are blended to a curriculum developed from a secularised perspective to provide young men and women with the tools required to not only be successful academically, but to also be upstanding members of society. As a form, the building needed to distance itself from the visual language that tends to ‘ethnicise’ this particular typology.

Unforeseen diversions are to be expected when undertaking a research whose foundations are based almost exclusively upon a bed of speculative goals. While this project was initially conceived as a school for the Islamic community of Edmonton, to be presented in its totality – classrooms, offices, dining halls, and all the other features and amenities often found in such building types – it quietly strayed from that task and began to follow a fragmentary approach. The project either developed, shrank, or mutated from the design of a single building to the development of a number of smaller entities which when put together compose the bigger complex, individually addressing the broader common questions in a more concentrated way.

Plan. Geometric Conception and Organization
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Spaces of Devotion
Elements for An Islamic School
Edmonton AB