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The mosque is of paramount importance as a place of meeting and encounter for the students and members of the public. It is placed as an angled insertion into the main fabric of the school, a move that while fusing the two forms into a single body, also maintains the separate nature of this sacred space from the classrooms by exploiting the tension created through the collision of geometries. The symmetry of the plan emerges from the need to address the requirements of each gender. As a device, this mirroring of spaces divides on the ground floor, where the act of ablution requires certain privacy and modesty, and unites them at the entrance to the mosque - reached by a pair of converging staircases - where according to doctrine all are equal.

There are no methods that provide a direct translation between design intention and form, an architectural seismograph whose oscillations would instantly create a graphic analogue of the concept of ethical value in a building. The implied assumptions of salvation through scriptures and ritual are left to the future tenants of the building. The spaces are nothing but moments in a journey of self-awareness.

Spaces of Devotion
Elements for An Islamic School
Edmonton AB