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an image cast on a picture plane contains the seeds of its own deconstruction. the selective stripping of the laws of persepctive through which it is composed allows one to creates space and visual identities that rest as plausible upon immediate inspection.
Further scrutiny however reveals the presence of a nuanced mischief, deliberate clashes of elements that should not meet and contrasts that defy terrestrial realities.
These visual acrobatics are hinged to a system of absurdities and

While the 2D picture-plane of the etching allows for a systematic stripping of the laws of perspectival construction, a translation of the view into a 3D environment attempts to recreate the illusion through the warping and selective displacement of the composing elements. This effectively simulates and exaggerates depth and overlap while maintaining the ambiguities of Piranesi's construct, where the act of extraction further proliferates the illusion.
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Video 01
Video 01
Digitizing Piranesi
A 3D Reconstruction of the etching
"Carceri d'Invenzione - Tavola VII
IIl Ponte Levatoio"