Berlin Parsier Platz

Stitched along the path once trailed by the Wall, the building extends lengthwise from Brandenburg Gate to face the western portion of the once bisected city.

Blistered and scarred by the blunt incision that once defined two opposing political camps, the site lies on a temporal cross section, where past events of siginificance and consequence converge with an enthusiastic inception of an optimistic future.

eferences to the symbolic are inescapable, moments anchored by the aggregate of collective memories still fresh and soaked with the tangible realities of mass conflict.

The building’s program is an amalgam of dissimilar requirements, housed in a collection of intersecting volumes and fused spaces. Lifted off the ground on an array of columns, it lays an imprint only where required and hovers above to create an unimpeded field of displacement.

(entry for the 2001
ACADIA Competition)
Event Spaces